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Now Available:

101 Uses for a Skateboard Colouring Book 

Written and Illustrated by Adam McEvoy

60 pages, softback printed on 170gsm uncoated paper (295 x 210mm). Full colour front and back cover
ISBN: 978-1-8383421-5-9

From around the age of one year, a baby can hold a crayon in their fist. Chances are it may well end up in the baby's mouth at some point, but babies soon naturally learn to make marks on paper. Colouring helps develop concentration and focus, particularly for children, but is also broadly recognised as having beneficial qualities for adult well-being and mindfulness too.

Like the full colour version that precedes it, "101 Uses for a skateboard", this colouring book is designed for children of all ages 1-101. So get out your colours and get creative!

10% of the cover price will be donated to the Ben Raemers Foundation.

"101 Uses .. is rad! Comical, clever and creative!" -  Lucy Adams, Professional Skater


101 Uses for a Skateboard  

Written and Illustrated by Adam McEvoy

60 pages, softback printed on 170gsm FSC certified paper (170 x 240mm). Full colour illustration
ISBN: 978-1-8383421-3-5

Ever wondered what else a skateboard could be used for? Well it turns out there are numerous options! Ranging from a pirate's wooden leg, a chessboard or even a spare walrus tusk. The list goes on and on. Suitable for ages 1-101.

"An expertly written, masterfully illustrated insight into the little known alternative life of the common skateboard." -The Skateboarder's Companion Magazine.
"101 Uses .. is rad! Comical, clever and creative!" -  Lucy Adams, Professional Skater


Harry and Daisy learn to Skateboard - 

by Craig Rothney

24 pages, A5 paperback with illustrations by Cat Bruce
ISBN: 978-1-8383421-1-1

Harry and Daisy Learn to Skateboard is a series of books designed, not only for children, but for mums and dads to help their children progress in a safe manner. This book will help the parents’ knowledge in skateboarding as well as help their children develop their skills.

Craig Rothney has been skateboarding for as long as he can remember. Craig has skated all over the world where he has continuously helped kids get the basics in skateboarding and simplified where they can progress and feel more confident on their boards. Craig has been spreading the love and passion of skateboarding since the 1980s.

No Beer on a Dead Planet - by Jono Coote

ISBN: 978-1-8383421-0-4
120 pages, paperback with cover flaps. Chapter Head illustrations by Lewis Brownlie.

No Beer on a Dead Planet chronicles Jono Coote's travels through the skateparks, hinterlands, industrial wastelands and suburban sprawls of modern day Australia and New Zealand. 

Set against a chaotic background of skateboarding's mainstream acceptance, looming Olympic inclusion, climate change, institutional racism, the decline of Western civilisation and religiously observant dogs, it attempts to capture a sense of why skateboarders are traditionally such a nomadic tribe and how that affects our experiences of travel. From the drunken excesses of Brisbane skate-house parties to the spiritual epiphanies offered by Milford Sound, and from Instagram-obsessed skatepark mums in Melbourne to bigoted ex-cops in Newcastle, this is Antipodean life seen through a lens of skateboarding culture at a crucial point of change for both Australasia and for skateboarding's culture itself.

"A first class read that fuses travel writing with the peculiarities of a skateboarder’s perspective on the imponderabilia of everyday exchanges" - Paul O'Connor, author of Skateboarding and Religion.

Sniffin' Stew Two

A second volume of punk recipes, this time it's the singles - Another Girl Another Omelette and thirteen more to pogo on your plate.